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Monitor your infrastructure with MetricFire to maintain low latency, detect uptime problems and keep track of millions of microtransactions with ease.

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Stop losing customers.

Understand your data at a glance with our simple, flexible, and affordable monitoring platform.

Deliver a Great Gaming Experience

Low Latency

Keep the gaming experience great. Ensure low latency for:

  • Purchase actions

  • Page loads

  • Server requests

Uptime Problems? We can help

High Uptime

View statistics about your uptime.

  • See how long you’ve been running reliably

  • See which microservices are down

  • See which servers are down

Monitor millions of microtransactions with ease

Revenue Tracking

Know how your app supports your business. Monitor your revenue statistics, such as:

  • Purchases per minute

  • Purchases per session

  • Total cash spent

Check out our valued customer!

HypGames uses hundreds of thousands of time-series metrics to identify where they can optimize their games and improve revenue.

"We looked at other options such as New Relic and SumoLogic. But after looking at their price and what they had to offer, we came back to MetricFire because they had the best value."

— Naga Kodali, DevOps and Cloud Engineer at HypGames

MetricFire is the key tool that allows HypGames to optimize on revenue.


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